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Career is one of the most important aspects of life. Which a person tries to solve all the time. But many times we are not able to strike the right balance regarding the career. Due to which obstacles start coming in the career. Time goes on and the problems keep on increasing. Then for this we need an astrologer who is expert in every aspect of astrology. Which can decide which field is more likely to make your career. So that it can help you to make your career good in time. And you will be able to decide in which field you should prepare to make your career. Acharya Ashish Mridul ji is Best Astrologer in Rishikesh in this . He has long experience in this. So we should suggest them.

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kundali matching for marriage


Delaying marriage is becoming a trend these days. Which is a cause of trouble for the society. Parents are worried about the delay in the marriage of their children. But while striving for higher education, desired job, the time of marriage passes. And then even if a relationship is found, there are many obstacles in that too. And sometimes it is seen that even after everything is fine, the horoscope matching is not possible. Because usually we get the horoscope matched from any astrologer and in the absence of complete information, many defects are pointed out in the horoscope.So meet Best Astrologer in Rishikesh is Acharya Ashish Mridul ji and get instant solution. Match the charts of both boy and girl and you will be given complete factual information on the chart.

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Vedic pooja By Best Astrologer in Rishikesh

Vedic Pooja

Stable solution from Vedic worship
Acharya Ashish Mridul ji has a long experience in Vedic worship rituals. He does this work in a simple and theoretical way, to solve all kinds of complex problems, you should also adopt Vedic worship by Acharya Ashish ji. Acharya Ashish Mridul ji , Famous Astrologer in Rishikesh has proper knowledge of both Vedic worship and Tantrokt worship. Which they get done according to the time and work.

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Kundali Analysis By Famous Astrologer in Rishikesh

Kundali Analysis

Astrology is a science. Therefore, there is a need for continuous research research on this. A part of astrology which we see as Full Kundali analysis. Kundali Analysis means considering every point of the Kundali, while analyzing the Kundali, apart from the birth chart, the transit houses should also be studied. In today's era where every person lacks time and he wants us to be given information in less time, whereas this formula is not right for accurate and precise information. That is why Acharya Ashish Mridul ji gives predictions only after proper study of the Kundali, that is why his predictions are absolutely accurate.

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Horoscope Consultation by Best Astrologer in Dehradun


In fact, we see the daily horoscope without knowing the exact meaning of the daily Horoscope and that is why it does not happen correctly. Because there are only 12 zodiac signs and different results happen with 2 people of the same zodiac. The reason for this is simple, the horoscope is decided only on the basis of your zodiac sign and birth chart. If you also want to know the horoscope of some particular days about your zodiac, then you can contact Acharya Ashish Mridul ji.

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Kundli Matching By Best Astrologer in Rishikesh

Kundali Matching

Also known as, Kundali Matching and Making, Kundli Milan is one of the most significant things before marriage in Hindus. Ultimately, it affects the relationships if the Kundli did not match perfectly. Therefore, it is understandable why a well knowledgeable person like Adhyatm Aur Jyotish is necessary while matching Kundli. Two lives have to live together ever after that for their whole lives. Astrology has a great and different meaning in the Hindu families than any other one. Why is it so? The simple answer is that people here have been using the remarkable astrology things from over 5000 years and they have always tasted the benefits from it.

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Best Muhurat Astrology


In Muhurta astrology, that special time of 48 minutes which we call Muhurta. Different types of time are selected for doing each. This Muhurta selection is done on the basis of Tithi, Nakshatra times and daily Rashi position of Moon. This is a special reason behind taking out Muhurta that we should do work at such a time when there is no problem in doing our work in any way and we always get positive results from it. If you also want to find out the correct Muhurta according to your zodiac sign, then you can contact Acharya Mridul ji now.

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Vastu Consultation

Vastu Consultation

Vastu for your health, wealth & success.
Acharya Ashish Mridul ji is well versed in this science and gives suitable guidance according to the Vedic Principles. . Vastu requires many more things to know particularly the abode of various deities responsible for bringing positive energy suitable for different purposes.Vastu is a technical name used for any kind of building where human beings are supposed to live or work. The subtleties of Vastu are very deep and must be considered before constructing or occupying a building for any purpose Acharya Ashish Mridul ji has a long experience in this field which is worth of being taked advantage of.

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Astrologic Business Consultation by Best Astrologer in Rishikesh


The scriptures say that Lakshmi resides in business, Lakshmi is needed by everyone, so a large part of the world has a special attachment towards business. But if you do business then what to do, when to do it, how to do it, there will be profit or loss in business, should do business or do a job. Many people get stuck in all these confusions. As a result, they lag behind a lot, that's why you should take the right advice from Acharya Ashish Mridul ji today because he is an expert in this and will analyze your birth chart and tell which business you should do. And when should I start trading?

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Education/ Career solutions by Best Astrologer in Rishikesh

Education / Career

Career is one of the vital aspects of an individual. Astrology not merely deals with the inclination of an individual towards a specific field but as well helps in seeking the suitable sector of career or livelihood through the horoscope. It can also help you in knowing which profession will bring success and fortune and ultimately most suitable livelihoodAdvice of a good astrologer is highly essential for enhancing the educational concentration in students. They will help you adhere some solutions so that your children could concentrate in their studies and score well in career relevant examination.

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Health problems solutions by Astrologer in Rishikesh


For a happy life good or perfect health is essential. There is the proverb that is called “health is wealth” which gives the attention to the people to take care of their body related issues time by time. But in some of the health cases, doctors cannot able to cure your health problems. If you are getting through the same conditions when you or any person, friend or anyone from your circle feeling sick and after so many checkups and doctor solutions the person is not feeling well and going towards the way of death slowly then our health problem solution By Best Astrologer in Haridwar Acharya Ashish Mridul Ji can help you to find out all the reason which are creating the disturbance in peace of your life.

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Best Kundali Making

Kundali Making

Kundli helps us tell us the placement of the planets at the time of our birth as well as the present time. Kundli also tells us what our present dasha, Mahadasha and Antardasha is. It helps decide what Path we must choose in our life and what precautions we must take. We provide you with and option of get a print of your kundli through us which will provide you with details of your planetary movement. Handmade horoscopes are made by Acharya ji himself. His fortune telling is always accurate as well as his Mathematic calculations. Every person has to face the ups and downs in every part of his life.

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Gems selection

Gems & Rudraksh Consult

Gemstone & Rudraksh their correlation with vedic Astrology.
The healing Power Of Gems stones.
Acharya Ashish Mridul is well versed in suggesting the proper gem according to the requirement adjudged from the horoscope.he have a long experience in this field,so visit here and get the solution of your problems. Find your lucky gems by the consultant Acharya Ashish mridul ji. he is well versed in this science and gives suitable guidance according to the Vedic Principles.

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Love problems solutions by Best Astrologer in Rishikesh

Love Consult by Best Astrologer in Rishikesh

Love astrology solutions are known for best services that are successful and bring your love life on right track. Love astrology solution is circulated in almost each part of the country because of the aim of providing easiness in life. He analyzes of love compatibility with your partner and various other part of life that are considered in love marriage are solvable with love astrology. Now astrologer providing you free love astrology solutions in India by considering various love problems. Love astrology solutions includepalmistry service in which marriage line describes many things about your love partner.

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vedic remedies in astrology

Vedic Remedies From Famous Astrologer in Rishikesh

The Vedic remedies are a branch of Vedic Astrology and a science that demands knowledge of both Astrology and Medicine. It takes years for a proper astrologer to acquiring astrological and medical expertise including a complete understanding of anatomy and physiology to qualify a medical astrologer. Vedic remedies in Astrology include the combination of these 2 sciences to accurately understand diseases and advise clients on the best procedures for regaining health. Vedic remedies provide a platform to reach for the powers and transform the negative life state. According to Vedic sciences, planets may play a vital role in shaping an individual’s life.

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Negative Energy Removal by Famous astrologer in Rishikesh

Negative Energy Removal

Everything is a game of energy. Be it positive energy or negative energy. Where positive energy helps us to move forward on our path with constant intensity, the same negative energy creates obstruction on our every work. And we always have to face opposite consequences. And then we make many efforts for its solution and even waste our money and time by falling in the trap of tantriks. While the stable and correct solution for negative energies is the Vedic solution. Acharya Ashish Mridul ji is an expert in this work and completely eliminates negative forces according to Vedic tradition and makes positive energy flow. If you have the same problem then you too can contact Acharya ji today and now.

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